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Land Use, Transport and Spatial Economic Modelling

Land Use, Transport and Spatial Economic Modelling

Integrated Land Use and Transport Modelling - My Experiences as a Planner and Modeller - Geraldine Fuenmayor

Dr. Fuenmayor was invited as a speaker for the 50th anniversary of the Department of Graduate studies at Universidad Simon Bolivar in Caracas, Venezuela. She discusses the concept of Land Use and Transport Models, their purpose and applications. She also explains how the Spatial Economic System looks at the city or region under study. She provides examples of models developed for research in Caracas, Venezuela; and for planning forecasting and policy analysis for government agencies in North America. An example of simulating the spatial response to COVID-19 is also presented.

Spanish with English subtitles.

Forecasting the long-term impacts of housing and occupation equity using integrated models

Spatial forecasting simulations holistically represent location choices, housing consumption, and labor force participation in various occupations, alongside all other interactions (and associated travel) including shopping, education, etc. A core element within these simulations are choice models representing people’s occupations and housing. With examples from Alberta, the Atlanta Region, and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, we show how these models can be used for equity analysis using household income and structure variables. However, since many studies show how housing and occupation options are affected by gender, race, and other equity identifying variables; we show how explicitly including such variables can enhance such a model’s ability to analyze equity in future housing and occupation, under different scenarios of discrimination and opportunity.
John E. Abraham
Geraldine Fuenmayor
Shena Kaul
Graham Hill

The Alberta Spatial Economic and Transport Model (ASET)

HBA Specto staff describe the ground-breaking Alberta Spatial Economic and Transport (ASET) Model, a model designed to improve the analysis and forecasting associated with long-term planning.