HBA Specto Incorporated

Land Use, Transport and Spatial Economic Modelling

Land Use, Transport and Spatial Economic Modelling

Oregon Transportation Land Use Modelling Improvement Project (TLUMIP)

Agency: Oregon Department of Transportation

Timing: 2000 - Present

HBA Specto Incorporated and its staff have served as technical advisors and as part of the modelling workforce for the Oregon Department of Transportation almost continuously since 1995. This has included guidance on the design, development, calibration and application of new spatial economic models of the State of Oregon, including TRANUS and PECAS land use models. The project also included applications of these models in policy analysis, including new interstate roadway programs, bridge repair programs, urban growth boundaries, and regional-level transportation plans. HBA Specto worked with the prime contractor and client to develop a synthetic population generator to integrate the land use models with the activity based models. The resulting models and associated analysis have influenced billions of dollars of transportation infrastructure and policy decisions in Oregon for over a decade.

Local level impacts over period 2000 to 2025 with different strategies for addressing cracking issues in some 550 highway bridges built 1965-1975 throughout Oregon; Strategies addressed with Statewide Spatial Economic and Transportation Model included ranges of action and thus funding levels and different weight restrictions intended to prolong bridge life. The final bridge investment plan took into account the economic forecasts provided by the model to adjust some $4.5 billion in spending.

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