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Land Use, Transport and Spatial Economic Modelling

Land Use, Transport and Spatial Economic Modelling

This page contains the core .jar files that contain PECAS itself. That is, they contain the main PECAS calculation engine described in academic papers and used in projects. (The rest of PECAS is described on the Software page.)

Note that if you are working on a particular PECAS project, you should *not* download these. You should, instead, get the versions associated with the scenario and project you are working on. This is very important to ensure that each scenario is compatible and repeatable.

Jar files are container files in zip format. If you rename them and change the extension from .jar to .zip you can inspect their contents with any normal archiving tool.

Please note that the source code to PECAS itself is included in the PecasV2.*_r* .jar file.

The following .jar files contain software originally written by HBA Specto:


The other .jar files shown below contain the libraries that are used in PECAS. These .jar files may not contain the library’s source code, as indicated below. Note that we have modified the source code for some of the libraries, as permitted by their license, in which case we have provided the modified source code within its .jar file.

All of these jar files are generally contained within the AllYears/Code directory of a PECAS Scenario. Some of the scripts for PECAS Technology Scaling are often also contained in the AllYears/Code directory. If you are using the Open Matrix format with PECAS, you will need the java native interface HDF5 libraries.
PECAS Software including AA and SD Modules.
A Frank-Wolfe assignment procedure originally written by Jim Hicks, to be used in place of a travel demand model.
Common modelling routines originally written in conjunction with Parsons Brinkerhoff for Oregon DOT.
Library routines connecting Java code to the PECAS Database (legacy version without source code).
Library routines connecting Java code to the PECAS Database (current version without source code included).
The Open Matrix Format routines, requires an HDF5 installation. Note the .jar file does not contain source code, see the Open Matrix website for the source code.
A version of the Apache Math framework (does not contain source code, see Apache Math website).
Matrix Routines for Java (contains source code).
Linear matrix algebra routines (used by mtj.jar, does not contain source code).
More linear algebra routines (used by mtj.jar) (does not contain source code).
The Google Core Java libraries, used for its advanced collections framework. (Does not contain source code, see the guava website for the source code).
Logging system for Java (jar file does not contain source code, see the Log4j website for source code).
A legacy library for linear algebra, originally provided without source code (now largely replaced by mtj.jar).
Standard library for interacting with the PostgreSQL database (does not contain source code, see PostgreSQL website for source code).